The "Isola dei Gabbiani" faces to the archipelago of "La Maddalena" with magic names like La Maddalena, Caprera, Spargi, Spargiotto, Santo Stefano, Budelli, full of pink granite an perfumed juniper.
The "Isola dei Gabbiani" is a charming peninsula quite near the Costa Smeralda . Eighteen hectares of rocks moulded in fantastic forms and wood of perfumed juniper und myrtle.
Little beaches of granite change to pink sandbeaches, touched by an incredible sea of emerald green, turquoise, cobalt blue or shaded of pearls during the sunset while dolphins are playing in the waves.
Under the surface is a garden full of octopus, big sea-urchins, rainbow fishes and shells. On the sea-bottom you can find many roman things.
An isthmus connects the "Isola dei Gabbiani" to the mainland. On the right and the left side of the isthmus are two long beaches with all the windsurfers with their colorful sails in competition with the flight of the cormorants.
In this earthly paradise, the nature, an ingenious architect, has chosen the places for human beings' structures: bungalows, caravans, restaurant, disco are in perfect harmony with pink and black granite and the perfumed juniper. All in all, the "Isola dei Gabbiani" is an emerald in a sea of emeralds.